Being a developing nation, health and hygiene are mainstays in terms of national priority. With so many people living below the poverty line, statistics reveal that unhealthy living conditions will lead to disease and epidemics, unless a proactive approach by the medical community is put into action.

    Keeping these in mind,TS Misra Medical College & Hospital was established in the year 2015, which envisions an ambience of excellence, inspiring value-based education, research and development.Besides transmitting necessary medical and technological skills, the college also tend to encourage students to be more active as a student-medical community to improve health conditions in the nation.

    TS Misra Medical College & Hospital (TSMMCH) is approved till date for an intake of 150 students in MBBS course by Medical Council of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India. The college provides comprehensive facilities for teaching, research and patient care. TS Misra Medical College & Hospital (TSMMCH) primarily imparts medical education of the highest standards to its MBBS and students of related biological sciences.

  • A high academic standard is maintained by an experienced and dedicated team of professors, clinicians and scientists, who are engaged in teaching, research and developing technologies in healthcare.
  • The college adopts innovative methods in education with community-based teaching, learning and research.
  • The educational goal of TSMMC is to ensure a holistic development of theoretical and practical skills with the aim to prepare compassionate human beings, caring and courteous medical professionals, responsible and socially-conscious citizens.

    One of the important requirements of the medical education program is the practical training, be it medical, nursing or paramedical courses. This is why TSM Medical College is co-located with TSM Hospital, a super-specialty hospital for providing extensive clinical & practical training to its medical students.

    The hospital is functioning as an integral part of the medical institution. It is equipped with all the modern facilities and sophisticated medical equipments with the objective of providing a comprehensive healthcare solution under one roof to all sections of the community.

    TSM Medical College & Hospital have highly qualified, experienced consultants and teachers who continuously strive to improve the educational activities, the health care delivery system and to make TSMMCH a center of excellence in medical education.

    In TSM Medical College & Hospital, research is an integral part of the academic work. Research is undertaken on relevant major public health and medical problems, mostly revolving around the tropical environment in which this institution is located.

    The school envisions in signing Memoranda of Undertaking with National and International institutes and Government agencies to enhance collaboration & research partnership.